Yoshimitsu "Yoshi" Matsui was a Japanese master swordsman, and a contestant in the second season of Liberty City Survivor.


Early lifeEdit

Yoshimitsu was born in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan, to Jin Matsui, a swordsman and man of honor. Yoshi learned the ways of the samurai from his father, and was trained to become a skilled swordsman and warrior at an early age.

Suzuki Yakuza yearsEdit

As a young man, Yoshi became good friends with Sei Suzuki, the son of the biggest crime boss in Tokyo, Sakuya Suzuki. The two became very close, and Yoshi joined the Suzuki Yakuza. In the mid-to-late 1980's, Yoshi, working as a bodyguard for Sakuya Suzuki, killed an assassin from a rival family who attempted to assassinate Sakuya with a revolver after a deal with another criminal organization. After saving Sakuya's life, Yoshi became a highly-respected individual in the Suzuki Yakuza. Around this time, he also found a young woman, and the two became lovers for many years.

The downfall of the SuzukiEdit

In late April of 1997, Sakuya Suzuki died of unknown causes, and Sei Suzuki was forced to take over the Suzuki empire. However, Sei was assassinated in June, only barely over a month since his father's death. Without any more children to be accepted as the next leader, there was a struggle between Yoshi and Kazaki Honda, Sei's good friend and Yoshi's longtime rival. Kazaki challenged Yoshi to a duel, claiming that the winner would become the new leader of the Suzuki Yakuza, and the loser, although wouldn't die, would have to live with the shame of defeat and leave Japan forever. Yoshi accepted, and after a gruelling duel, Yoshi lost. Kazaki took over the Suzuki empire, and Yoshi left Japan and moved to Liberty City, to be with his other good friend Kenji Kasen. He would never return to Japan in his entire life.

Life in Liberty CityEdit

By 1997, Yoshimitsu lived in Newport, Staunton Island, and began dating Kenji's sister, Asuka Kasen. Around this time, he also began running a dojo in Bedford Point. By 2001, however, Kenji was assassinated and Asuka was found dead, leaving the Yakuza's future in question. Many Yakuza members wished for Yoshi to become the new leader; however, he declined, preferring to continue operating his dojo in Bedford Point.

Liberty City Survivor IIEdit




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