Herman Garret
Placeholder person
Full Name: Herman Garret
Introduced In: Prologue; Liberty City Survivor II
Nickname(s): "Ghost"
Gender: Male
Born: 1973
Place of Birth: England
Nationality: English
Family: None
Home/HQ: Apartment in Bedford Point, LC
Weapon(s): Customized AK-47 assault rifle
Vehicle(s): Silver Kuruma

"I do not speak often."
Herman Garret'

Herman "Ghost" Garret was a legendary English assassin, and a contestant in the second season of Liberty City Survivor. He was created by the user sir skeleton sam.


Early lifeEdit

Herman Garret was born in England in 1973. Not much is known about his early life, except that, prior to becoming an assassin at the age of 16 in 1989, he had been "mostly normal," although he hadn't cried since he was 14 years old [1].

Assassin years in EnglandEdit

Herman Garret continued working as an assassin for twelve years in England, and became infamous due to his willingness to complete any contract under every means possible. In those years, he earned his nickname "Ghost" for both his amazing phantom-like speed and frightening pale image. By 2001, he had successfully completed over 300 contract killings, and had only failed one assassination: a contract on Margaret Thatcher for the IRA. The botched Thatcher assassination attempt infuriated the IRA, and Garret was forced to flee England.

The Saudi Arabia encounterEdit

On February 25, 2002[2], Garret was sent to Saudi Arabia to assassinate a blind sheik. Before he killed the sheik with a lethal shot of poison, the sheik predicted his exact date and told Garret, "Fulfill your destiny or be damned forever." After the encounter with the sheik, he had his back tattooed with his name, birthday, and deathday, and transferred all the money he earned from his contracts into a Swiss bank account. He left Saudi Arabia and bought a stark apartment in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City, in the United States.

Liberty City Survivor IIEdit

After hearing of the reality show Liberty City Survivor,

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