The Don or boss is the head of a crime family who controls all the operations. The head of the family, usually reigning as a dictator, is sometimes called the Don or "Godfather". He commands a variety of underlings, the caporegimes, the soldati and the enforcers. The boss receives a cut of every operation taken on by every member of his family. Depending on the family, the boss may be chosen by a vote from the caporegimes of the family. In the event of a tie, the underboss must vote. In the past, all the members of a family voted on the boss, but by the late 1950s, any gathering such as that usually attracted too much attention. Sometimes the Don chooses his successor.

Noteable DonsEdit

Liberty CityEdit



  • Sonny Forelli
  • Franco Forelli


  • Paulie Sindacco


Smith FamilyEdit